Aluminum alloy fence development

China's aluminum alloy guardrail industry has gone through more than 20 years of history. In 20 years, the output has increased by 452 times. In the diversified product system of the guardrail industry, the aluminum alloy guardrail is a veritable sales champion, and it is a technologically leading pillar product.
The guardrail must not only meet the basic requirements for clearing the crowd, safety, and environmental protection, but also have excellent crashworthiness, colorfastness, and barrier properties in order to provide people with a comfortable and convenient living environment and meet people’s ever-increasing living requirements. Due to its light weight, high strength, good performance, strong decoration, economical durability, no pollution, and recyclability, the aluminum alloy guardrail has become a major railing product  public transportation and community parks in China, and is widely used in high-grade public buildings. Residential and traffic highways.
The profile of the guardrail is continuously innovating. From the perspective of the use of the profile, there are a variety of colors of aluminum alloy guardrails and aluminum guardrails of different designs. The accessories of the aluminum alloy fence occupy a large part in it, and the quality of the accessories directly affects the quality of the entire fence project. Therefore, the development trend of aluminum alloy fence accessories is moving in the direction of innovation and safety and environmental protection. The earliest aluminum alloy fences originated in Europe, but both in technology and in terms of cost performance, Chinese local companies far exceed developed countries such as Europe.
According to relevant experts' forecasts, aluminum alloy fences will become the mainstream of the market in the next few years. Aluminum alloy fence products and related upstream and downstream industry chains will develop to high-tech and multi-functional. First of all, there are new and high requirements for profiles of aluminum alloy guardrails. It is necessary to meet the development needs of new aluminum alloy guardrails, and secondarily. Consider the different scenes of the use of aluminum alloy fences in various cities in various cities in China.

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