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Pvc fence fence iron fence wall iron fence manufacturer price products easy to install, applicable to a variety of municipal buildings, road use. Pvc fence fence iron fence fence iron fence manufacturer price network is currently one of the most popular barrier fence isolation barrier at home and abroad. It is mainly used in field fence nets, zoo iron fences, Chi lake iron fences, traffic road fences, isolation nets, factory isolation nets, municipal engineering fences, garden fences, iron fences, park iron fences in municipal construction, lawn iron Barriers, isolation and protection of residential areas, protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues.
Pvc fence guardrail advantages:
1. Without painting and maintenance, Changxin is not old, and the fatigue and trouble of maintenance are eliminated, and the overall success is low.
2. It is easy and quick to make and install, and it adopts the patented rubbing connection or the proprietary connection fitting to install, which greatly improves the installation efficiency.
3, a variety of specifications, a variety of styles for you to choose, both European and American styles and current fashion, full of noble and modern beauty.
4, safety, environmental protection, harm to humans (animals), even if no intention to touch the fence will not hurt like steel, iron fence.
5, the guardrail cavity is equipped with galvanized lining steel or aluminum alloy to enhance, with sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that PVC guardrail both the strength of steel and the appearance of PVC.
6, the use of special formulas and special UV absorbers, do not fade, not yellow, not peeling, no cracking, no foaming, no insects, the service life of up to 30 years.
Widely used in: urban roads, real estate, development zones, residential communities, gardens and all kinds of enterprises and institutions of decoration and safety protection projects.
PVC fence fence installation:
First, PVC fence fence installation instructions:
1. Before the installation of the PVC fence guardrail, the civil foundation has already formed the lower foundation of the delivery brickwork or concrete pouring, and the guardrail can be fixed in the center of the lower foundation by means of mechanical expansion bolts, chemical screw inspection, etc. to make a straight line. Uniform.
2. If the lower foundation of the wall has not yet formed, it is recommended that the length of the steel liner of the pillar be directly embedded in the wall, and the wall can be formally constructed after the curing period; or the prefabricated embedded part will be installed after the wall plane is laid. The lining is welded with embedded parts. These two methods are characterized by a firmer connection than bolts, but the preset must pay attention to the straight and horizontal lines.
3. The distance between the steel linings of the uprights shall be the same as the design dimensions to ensure that the pre-assembled semi-finished products can be connected with them.
4. Pull the lower limit of two parallel lines across the straight-line distance for installation adjustment. Ensure the straightness of the upper and lower ends of the guardrail after installation.
5. The horizontal and solid steel linings of the guard rails have been installed and connected at the factory, and the reinforced parts of each bearing have been installed. When the construction is on-site, only the horizontal lining of the guard rails and the columns must be connected and fixed.
Second, PVC fence fence features:
1. PVC fence rails have been assembled in series according to the ordering requirements before leaving the factory. After the products arrive at the construction site, only the steel lining parts of the columns need to be inserted into the stable base, and they shall be laid out in straight lines according to the requirements of the use department.
2. After completing the basic layout, use dedicated bolts to properly connect each section of the guardrail.
3. In order to improve the wind resistance and anti-malicious movement of the cypress bar, the stable base and the ground shall be fixed on the ground by using a bulge.
4. Connect the user to install the reflector on the top of the guardrail.
5. The movable cast iron seat can be symmetrically locked with spikes or expansion screws.
PVC fence wall surface is smooth, delicate touch, bright color, high strength, good toughness, anti-aging test up to 50 years, is a high quality PVC fence products. Used at -50°C to 70°C without fading, cracking or embrittling. With its high-grade PVC appearance, the steel pipe is lined with a beautiful combination of elegant appearance and tough inner quality.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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