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Zinc steel fence series

Zincsteelwallguardrailfeatures Zincsteelwallguardrailsaremadeofzincsteelasthebasematerial,withhighstrength,hightoughness,norustandothercharacteristics,inordertoensurethatithasauniqueweatherability,weh
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Zinc steel wall guardrail features
Zinc steel wall guardrails are made of zinc steel as the base material, with high strength, high toughness, no rust and other characteristics, in order to ensure that it has a unique weatherability, we have adopted a special process on the surface of the substrate. After many tests, our products have excellent corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance and long-term self-cleaning ability.
No matter what kind of harsh environment, zinc steel wall fence will not rust, fade, crack, powder, aging, falling off, long-lasting and bright colors, ten years maintenance-free, completely ruled out due to routine maintenance brought upset. Based on this, our company can provide you with a large number of wall guardrail profiles after our company's surface treatment.
Zinc plate development in the world:
In recent years, our country's zinc steel line has developed rapidly, and its products are widely used. Now it is widely used in refining oil plants, light chemical industry, mining and refinement, petrochemical industry, power plants, machinery industry, municipal engineering, textile and chemical fiber, and offshore Engineering, Port Engineering, Shipbuilding, Oil & Fat Chemicals, Building Material Industry, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, Military Engineering, Tree Pool Cover, Garden, Airport Engineering, Steel Industry, Waterworks, Waste Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Food Processing, Pulp and Paper Industry , Aquaculture, construction, chemical fertilizer industry, transportation, pharmaceutical industry and other industries.
Zinc steel plate is usually made of low-carbon steel as the main raw material, the appearance of hot-dip galvanizing, can play a role in preventing oxidation. Stainless steel plate can also be used as raw material. Since the steel grating is a kind of grid structure product, it has ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, anti-explosion and other properties, the surface can be punched to increase anti-skid performance, and the flat steel used is also Type I flat steel can be used.
Zinc steel plate production method:
Zinc steel plate production methods Machine pressure welding and hand-made two, machine pressure welding using high-pressure resistance welding machine, the robot automatically horizontally across the bar evenly arranged on flat steel, through a powerful electric welding power and hydraulic pressure horizontal The rod is pressure welded into the flat steel, so that a high quality steel grid plate with a strong solder joint, high stability and high strength can be obtained. Hand-made steel gratings are first punched in flat steel, then placed in the hole in the spot welding, there will be gaps between the crossbar and the flat steel, and it is impossible to weld each contact point, so the welding is not solid The strength has been reduced, and it has shown extremely high quality in terms of high-strength use. One is that the large-area installation is simple and fast, and even if it is for some reason, it needs to be removed, which is a breeze.
If you use steel gratings in combination with other floor coverings, the effect is better.
Zinc steel fence guardrail uses the advantages of zinc steel:
1. Introduction of zinc steel plate: It is a kind of iron and steel products with a square grid arranged in a cross-arrangement with flat steel and a certain distance between bars, and the surface of hot-dip galvanizing is called hot-dip galvanized steel grating.
The steel grating is made of carbon steel. The appearance of hot-dip galvanizing can play a role in preventing oxidation. Usually hot galvanizing is used.
2. Production standards: China is the YB/T4001.1-2007 standard, and the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand also have their respective standards.
3, production methods: according to the specifications given by the customer for processing, soldering, cutting, and finally wrapping, if there is a corner need to first remove the corner in the edge.
4. Type: According to the production process, it can be divided into pressure-welded steel grating and pressure-locked steel grating. According to the shape of bearing flat steel, it can be divided into I-type steel grating, tooth-shaped steel grating and flat steel grating.
5. Fixing method: two methods can be selected: welding and mounting clips. The advantage of welding is that it is fixed for a long time and will not come loose. The specific position is on the front root steel on each corner of the steel grating. The weld length is not long. Less than 20mm, high not less than 3mm fillet weld. The advantage of the installation clip is that it does not damage the hot-dip galvanizing layer and it is easy to disassemble. Each panel needs at least 4 sets of installation clips. The number of installation clips increases with the length of the panel. The safest method is to directly use the clip without the lower clip. The head of the screw is welded to the steel girder to ensure that the grate panel does not slip off the girder due to loose mounting brackets.
6, zinc steel distinguish method:
Normally, the center spacing of the flat steel is differentiated according to the series: Series 1 is 30mm, Series 2 is 40mm, Series 3 is 60mm, and the distance between crossbars: Series 1 is 50mm, and Series 2 is 100mm.
7, zinc plate specifications:
A. Flat steel: Material is Q235 or stainless steel, common flat type, non-slip tooth type and cross-section type I, usually specifications are 20*5, 25*5, 30*3, 32*5, 40*5, 40*3 , 50*5, 65*5, 100*8, 100*10 and so on.
B. Bars: The material is the same as the flat steel. The twisted square steel is used. It is drawn from the disc and twisted. The common specifications are 5*5, 6*6, 8*8, etc. .
C, through the above flat steel and cross bar can be summarized as common specifications of steel grating: 303/30/100, 325/30/100 and so on.
8.Characteristics and purpose: The firm grid pressure welding structure makes it have high load-bearing, structure please, easy to lift and other features, beautiful appearance, durability, hot dip zinc surface treatment to make it have a very good anti-corrosion ability, the surface gloss and beautiful , Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-slip performance, anti-contamination.
The use of zinc steel fences: Widely used in petrochemical, power plants, water plants, sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering, sanitation and other areas of the platform, walkways, trench covers, covers, ladders, fences, fences and so on.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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