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Aluminum alloy blinds are widely used curtains. They are mainly composed of aluminum alloys that are not easily rusted. Aluminum shutters are more decorative and more durable than other material shutters. Aluminum shutters on the market are now more predominantly based on the premise of quality assurance. Aluminum ventilation shutters are the traditional fixed single-layer waterproof shutters. After incorporating the exquisite design, in addition to maintaining the ventilation performance of the original louver, the louver blade also has an adjustable rotary motion function, and the user can arbitrarily adjust the blade angle according to actual use needs. The unique hollow double flat blade design makes the aluminum alloy flat shutter more shade, ventilation, heat preservation, sealing, rain protection, fire prevention, anti-theft and other functions. Transmission can be manual, electric. Electric control can be divided into switches, remote control, fire linkage, air conditioning linkage and wind and rain control. Aluminum alloy ventilation shutters are not only satisfied with the quality requirements for energy saving requirements of doors and windows, greatly improve the quality of people's activities, but also have a significant and significant impact on energy conservation and emission reduction of national facilities, reduction of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions, and environmental protection. With high social benefits, its application has low investment costs for developers, and it also has a very good return on energy efficiency.
Aluminum shutter features:
1. Aluminum alloy blinds have excellent shading and shielding properties, good flexibility, are not easily deformed, and can effectively resist ultraviolet rays.
2. The surface of aluminum alloy shutter blades is smooth, comfortable to handle, rich in color, with good resilience and toughness.
3. The shutters of aluminum alloy blinds can be manually controlled by the motor, which is easy to use, and aluminum shutters can also be printed. There are many different colors and styles to choose from.
4, aluminum alloy shutters have a wide range of application, can control the light and brightness according to their own needs, it has excellent shading and privacy.
5, aluminum alloy shutters will not fade because of prolonged exposure to sunlight, it uses a high thermal reflectivity of aluminum leaves, can reflect most of the sun's heat, help to improve the air conditioning effect of cold and heat, so as to achieve energy saving Environmental protection effect.
Aluminum blinds maintenance methods:
1. It is most likely to be contaminated by dust for alloy curtains that are hung on the balcony or in the living room or in different rooms. Therefore, remember to clean the aluminum shutters regularly for dust, otherwise it will affect its use effect, and it will also affect people. Visual effects.
2. Before cleaning, first prepare a pair of rubber gloves and a pair of gloves. Then, dip the hand with rubber gloves into the prepared detergent. Just slightly soak it, and wipe the blinds once and for all. Test, wait until after the wipe, and then use the same method with clean water to wipe clean the leaves with detergent, and finally dry gloves to dry it can be dry.
The advantages of aluminum alloy shutters:
1. Sound insulation effect:
There is a sealed slot and a top between the blade and the fixed bracket. When the enclosure is closed, the double-layer hollow structure can maintain the indoor temperature and isolate the outdoor high temperature. When the blades are all closed, the noise inside the enclosure can be reduced by 30dB and the air conditioning and cooling can also be applied. Greatly save energy.
2. Ventilation privacy
The blade angle can be arbitrarily adjusted by electric and manual operation to control the air volume, adjust the wind direction, and meet different ventilation requirements. Flexible change of indoor air circulation, increase indoor oxygen ion content. When the blade is adjusted to 15-25 degrees, no indoor can be seen indoors, and when the ventilation effect is achieved, it also has an excellent stealth effect.
3. Cover rain and dust
When the blade is adjusted to 10-45 degrees, the rainwater will not float into the room. When the blade is closed, the seal is good and the dust is effectively blocked.
4. Wide field of vision
When the blade is adjusted to 90 degrees, the maximum visual field can be achieved without any sense of oppression.
5. Lighting performance
When the blade is adjusted to 105 degrees, it has the effect of light refraction, which can increase the indoor lighting. It is also possible to adjust the angle of the blade to adjust the sunlight entering the room and have a good lighting function.
6. Safe and durable
Aluminum louvers have good anti-theft and impact resistance. Anti-oxidation and corrosion durability, beautiful appearance, good decorative effect on the building, easy installation and easy cleaning.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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