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Air-conditioning rack

Air-conditioningrack Therearemanykindsofairconditioningaccessories,mainlydividedintohardwareandelectricalproducts,airconditioninghardwareaccessories,themainbodyandthebaseofthebodythereisthebracketisal
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Air-conditioning rack
There are many kinds of air conditioning accessories, mainly divided into hardware and electrical products, air conditioning hardware accessories, the main body and the base of the body there is the bracket is also a hardware accessories, hardware accessories, screws, nuts, etc. Gold processing hardware accessories, body shell and base products, non-hardware product accessories are mainly air-conditioned tubes which are generally composite materials or rubber materials processed into products, and our company is a professional production of air conditioning The manufacturers of the racks produce rack products of various product specifications, and the classification of the air-conditioning racks has more varieties and more categories.
Nowadays, the use of air-conditioned racks has become more and more extensive. As we can see everywhere in our lives and work, air-conditioning racks are a kind of framework that plays a supporting role. Their use mainly plays a role of support and fixation. Some of the supports can also To improve the space utilization or reduce the space-saving space, the function of the lower bracket of the air-conditioning rack is mainly used for the installation of wall-mounted air conditioners. The brackets are used for positioning and fixing. The application of wall-hung air conditioners reduces the floor space occupied area. Even if it is used in a small apartment, it will not appear crowded. The air-conditioning bracket manufacturer reminds everyone that due to the huge amount of production of wall-mounted air conditioners currently in use, the use of the brackets plays an important role in the project, and its own quality and installation quality will be Affect the later use, so construction must use high-quality stent products.
Air conditioners are classified by their general attributes:
1. The first classification of hardware products needs to be classified according to the material. This is an important index that affects the performance of the product. All metal bracket products can be classified according to the material. The air conditioning bracket is no exception.
2. Can be classified according to the hardware surface treatment process, most of the metal stamping parts products need to do surface treatment in order to extend the life of the product. Air-conditioning brackets can be categorized according to surface treatment. Some customers need galvanizing and some need to be sprayed and so on.
3. Hardware connection methods The connection methods of hardware products are relatively diverse. The design and assembly of air-conditioning brackets involves the connection of assembly methods.
4. According to the air conditioner bracket model classification, the air conditioner bracket is roughly classified according to the area. The specific air conditioner bracket specification table will be introduced separately for everyone.
Air-conditioning rack installation content:
Hanging code
2. Kitchen cabinet hanging yard
3. Angle iron bracket
Air-conditioning rack installation method:
The first kind of assembly: screw assembly.
Screw assembly brackets are welcome compared to some of the more solid welding. The screw assembly process involves some models of the screws. But the screws used to assemble the air conditioning bracket products are not many. In the product display, our manufacturers will provide the standard screw models and product drawings.
The second type of welding assembly welding is a combination method for starting the early start of the bracket, but the welding interface of the welding bracket is difficult to handle, so there is a certain gap in the corrosion resistance, so it affects the service life of the product in a certain degree in Chengdu. At present, the most used is the screw assembly method to be more.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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