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Howtodistinguishhigh-qualityaluminumartgates: First,lookatprocessing:high-qualityaluminumartdoor,fineprocessing,installationstress,goodsealingperformance,switchfreely. Second,lookatthematerialsused:hi
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How to distinguish high-quality aluminum art gates:
First, look at processing: high-quality aluminum art door, fine processing, installation stress, good sealing performance, switch freely.
Second, look at the materials used: high-quality aluminum art door materials used in the thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should comply with the relevant national standards.
Third, look at the price: Under normal circumstances, high-quality aluminum art gate due to high production costs, the price is much higher than the inferior villa gate.
Our philosophy:
The integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern processing techniques and its wide application in the production of aluminum art gates has enabled the diversification of design concepts and high-quality mosaic work styles to be fully integrated, making the aluminum art gate products take the lead in the design of the construction industry. The new field of ideas.
Based on the tenet of “Quality First, Customer Foremost”, each product is carefully crafted by hand, and there are special designers for your tailoring, from design, manufacture, installation to after-sales maintenance. Implement one-stop service. We are dedicated to providing customers with a perfect product and thoughtful service.
Coating material and process:
Epoxy polyester powder, commonly known as outdoor powder. Benefits: Suitable for outdoor sun and rain, natural conditions, durability, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to ash, resistance to boiling water. Both meet national and EU standards.
The coating must be electrostatic with the powder and the workpiece. When the powder is sprayed out, it will be easily adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, and then it will pass the high temperature and level in the kiln to form a high-strength adhesion coating.
Specifications: According to customer requirements (can freely customize the specifications you need). Aluminium art product specifications currently do not have regular and fixed specifications, and you have to customize it according to site specifications. So before consulting, please determine the specifications you need. You can't use the casual specifications. Buying back can only become a waste product.
Color: Amber red, gold, black sand, beehive black, sand pattern dark green, flower sweep gold, red bronze
Style: European. Modern. Classic.
Use range: high-end villas, luxury clubs...
The opening method of the door: pan, open, and open can be selected. Of course, you can also provide the way you want to open. Foshan Weilang makes every effort to cooperate with you.
About the door motor: there are many kinds of door motors, and the way to open the door is not the same. The motor is not the same. If your door needs to install the motor, please tell us what kind of motor you need, what price you need, or your own You can also go back and install your own motor. All doors can be fitted with or without motors. For motors, the price of the motor is quoted separately.
1) Classical, luxurious, vivid style, various styles, luxurious and heavy texture, and strong craft beauty.
2) The base material of the aluminum art gate is the basis for users to rest assured.
3) The door can be single door, double door. Can be opened manually, electric open.
4) Han Heng metal patent structure technology, beautiful and firm.
5) The coating can be resistant to ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali, solvent resistance, mortar resistance, and does not have the trouble of coating cracking or peeling. It can withstand long-term sun and rain, and only need to be washed with water to make it last for a long time.
6) never rust, permanent use without replacement, once and for all.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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