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Zinc steel road series

Zincsteelroadbarrier Whenthezincsteelroadbarrierwasborn,ithaditsowninherentfunction:safety.Withtheevolutionandevolutionoftheguardrail,ithasnowdevelopedaretractableguardrail.Inthisway,roadblockstoacert
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Zinc steel road barrier
When the zinc steel road barrier was born, it had its own inherent function: safety. With the evolution and evolution of the guardrail, it has now developed a retractable guardrail. In this way, roadblocks to a certain extent solved the security risks.
The current application of zinc steel road barriers is mainly in traffic control, and the birth and development of the zinc steel road barrier automation is actually caused by three factors:
The first factor is the good safety performance of zinc steel road barriers: Zinc steel road barriers have strong impact and impact resistance and are used in sensitive areas: embassies, consulates, government agencies, banks, etc.
The second factor is that zinc steel road barriers have good maneuverability: The biggest advantage is that it does not change the layout of the original space, which is mainly due to the mobility flexibility of the PVC road barrier and its hidden functions.
The third factor is that the use of zinc steel road barriers can effectively control urban traffic, and automatic barriers are controlled by hydraulically controlled metal cylinders that are highly resistant to impact and impact. PVC road barriers can be placed on the road to control traffic and parking management. Automatic roadblocks provide an overall solution to replace roadblocks, railings, chains and other fixed roadblocks to effectively solve the problem of parking at control junctions.
Zinc steel road barrier automatic roadblocks have a versatile use:
Set pedestrian street or limit vehicle access during peak hours.
Zinc steel road barrier advantages:
Zinc steel road barriers have a great price advantage, replacing the easily rusted iron guardrails. With the rapid development of urban road construction in China, we will then understand the advantages of zinc steel road barriers on the road. Zinc steel road guardrail is used as a kind of steel guardrail product dedicated to both sides of residential roads. It has much better strength than wood. It is reinforced with special shaped steel at the PVC guardrail cross bar, and then coated with special PVC material. The guard rails take into account the strength and aesthetic characteristics of steel products. The benefits of zinc steel road barriers are bright colors, smooth surfaces, high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, antistatic properties, no fading, no cracking, and no embrittlement. The effect of the barrier products, suitable for the middle of the city road, clean and spacious streets and bright beautiful guardrails, reflect each other, build a beautiful landscape, add luster to our city glory; let our high-grade city construction to a new level .
Zinc steel road barrier height setting:
Zinc steel road guardrail is low so its setting or not, in fact, reflects the degree of civilization of a city citizen. In the present situation, where self-discipline is completely unrealistic, it does require rhythm. From the actual situation, the increase in the fence can greatly limit the uncivilized behavior. However, the establishment of exports requires that the urban construction, transportation, public security traffic police and other departments conduct public inspections after full investigation and demonstration, so as to increase the credibility of the government. Instead of meeting with the authorities to say hello, businesses need to use money to open their doors, regardless of the actual situation, in order to maintain traffic order and ignore the vital interests of the people.
PVC road fence price trend:
First of all, we know that the price of zinc steel road barriers is very high compared to the previous iron rails. In addition, it does not require rust removal, paint, or special maintenance. When it becomes dirty, it is easy to use clean water and detergent. It will make it look new. It can ensure that the viewing effect is consistent. The second is the relatively long service life of pvc road barriers. Its service life is 15 years, and it can generally reach about 20 years, which reduces our input costs. There are pvc road barriers that can complete a 100 kg weight test, strength and toughness far better than the general wooden fence. With reasonable installation of columns and horizontal crossbars, the fence can withstand strong winds of 7-8 levels.
Zinc steel road barrier installation points:
Zinc steel road barriers are easy to install, usually the lower part of the earth has been formed to deliver bricks or concrete, and the guardrails can be fixed in the center of the lower foundation by means of mechanical expansion bolts, chemical screw inspections, etc. Uniform straight line. If the lower base of the pvc guardrail has not yet been formed, it is recommended that the length of the steel liner of the post be directly embedded in the wall body, and that the wall body can be formally constructed after the curing period; or the prefabricated embedded part will be installed on the wall plane after the post steel liner The use of electric welding and embedded parts welding, these two methods is characterized by more secure than the bolt connection, but the preset must pay attention to the straight and horizontal lines. The distance between the steel linings of the uprights shall be the same as the design dimension to ensure that the pre-assembled semi-finished products can be connected with them. In the straight-line distance, pull the lower limit of two parallel lines for installation adjustment. Ensure the straightness of the upper and lower ends of the guardrail after installation. The horizontal and solid steel linings of Shanghai Rail have been installed and connected at the factory. The price of pvc road barriers is attractive, and the reinforced parts of each of them have been installed. When the site construction is completed, only the horizontal linings and columns of the guardrails are required. The connection can be fixed.
Zinc steel road barrier purchase points:
In the purchase of zinc steel road guardrails, it is recommended to do protective traffic barriers, for this type of guardrail, mainly to consider its reliability and price, the requirements for aesthetics are not very high, so this type of product is in the selection The guardrail itself should be noted for its material and structure, whether to prevent impact, etc., such as iron or stainless steel.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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