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Aluminiumwallfencefeatures: First,thestyleissoft,excellentvisualeffects,andhasartisticbeauty. Second,itisnotcostlyandeconomicallyfair. Third,adequatestrength,canmeetthebasicefficacy. Fourth,Seikomanuf
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Aluminium wall fence features:
First, the style is soft, excellent visual effects, and has artistic beauty.
Second, it is not costly and economically fair.
Third, adequate strength, can meet the basic efficacy.
Fourth, Seiko manufacturing, the performance of the manufacturing process.
Aluminum Arts Garden Gate Guardrails:
First, not easy to rust: electrophoretic layer imitation enamel manufacturing process treatment composition of permanent coating, no matter what kind of ecological aluminum art garden doors are not easy to rust.
Second, environmental self-cleaning: Aluminium art garden gate guardrail to adopt the polyester black powder coating to guardrail products with excellent self-cleaning effect, the appearance of the product is smooth and clean, non-staining dirt, rain rinse and water gun spray can be bright as new.
Third, the color wins the rainbow: Aluminum art courtyard door railings Akzo Nobel powder coating, bright and durable colors, can be any combination, in line with the user's color design conditions.
Fourth, the assembly of interspersed type: aluminum art patio door unique device approach requires only a screwdriver to complete the device without welding.
Aluminium art courtyard doors have been very popular in the market, followed by the market's best-selling and increased propaganda, the future of zinc steel will be very prosperous.
Aluminum Art Garden Gate Fence For: Community Fence, Villa Fence, Garden Fence, Wall Fence, Factory Fence, Factory Fence, Landscape Fence, City Fence, Traffic Fence, Aluminium Road Fence, School Fence, Aluminium Development Area Fence .
Aluminum art wall fence installation precautions:
1. The balcony fence should be designed to prevent children from climbing. The vertical distance between the vertical bars of the railing should not exceed 0.11 meters. The net height of the balcony railings in the high-rise and high-rise residential buildings should not be lower than the 1.10 meters.
2. The balcony guardrail materials must be sturdy, durable, safe, and the hollow materials must have sufficient wall thickness; the height of the railings must meet the new national standards, and the low-rise and multi-story buildings must not be less than 1.05 meters. Middle and high buildings, high-rise buildings, and primary and secondary schools must not Below 1.1 meters, nurseries and kindergartens should not be less than 1.2 meters; in the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, the easy-to-climb form is not allowed in the construction practice, and vertical bars are preferred. Many families will renovate themselves after repossession. We recommend that professionals look for field measurements and then design and produce. When installing, they must also find qualified personnel. From the design to the production of timber, to the installation of several links are done In place, we can guarantee the safety of the balcony guardrail.
Buying an excellent aluminum fence fence looks two things:
1. Surface coating: The surface coating of high-quality aluminum art fence material is smooth and natural, with no color, no scars, strong adhesion, no scraping during idle scratch test, and it will not fall into pieces.
2. Substrate aluminum layer: The interior of the high-quality aluminum art fence is not painted, and the surface is white and even without rust.
The size and color of the fence products can be customized according to your needs!
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