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The company establishes exclusive agency franchises in China based on the business area. Where any of the Company's exclusive agent dealerships in China comply with the following conditions, upon the approval of the company, it shall recognize its exclusive agent franchise right in the business area.


■ Exclusive agency franchisee rating:


A, an agent distributor: administrative province, municipality (provincial level)

B, two agency dealers: the exclusive agency dealers (city level)

C, third-tier agency dealers: Exclusive dealers in cities and counties


■ Exclusive agency franchise qualifications:

Familiar with the sales network of building materials and decorative materials in the region, and have the ability to independently develop the market;

The business premises are independent stores of not less than 50 square meters;

Have good product promotion capabilities;

Professional construction and installation team (must have 1-3 professional and full-time installation staff);

Strictly abide by the company's unified national marketing plan;

Do not operate competitive products of the same type at the business premises;

The first purchase volume of an agent of an agent shall not be less than 100,000;

The contractual period for the contract is one year and will be renewed upon expiration;

An agent dealer showroom must guarantee at least 50 samples.


■The exclusive agency franchisee rights:


1. Where the exclusive dealer is the sole agent of the company, the price is jointly determined by the exclusive agent franchisor and the company, and all the products of the same specifications are obtained at the same price. In the agency distribution area, the company does not Re-establishment of other agency dealers to ensure exclusive distribution rights in this area.

2. If there are other agent dealers in the area, once an exclusive agent dealer is established, the company will entrust the exclusive agent franchisor in the region to provide the supply source to other agent dealers. The price is authorized by the exclusive agency dealer. It is negotiated with the company in accordance with the specific circumstances.

3. During the course of the distribution activities of this limited series of products, the exclusive agency franchisees will provide guarantees for the type, quantity and supply of product inventory.

4. If an exclusive agency dealer terminates the agency contract within two years of the signing of the contract, the company will refund the agent’s sample purchase price at 80% of the purchase price, depending on the circumstances.

5. The exclusive agency franchisor can participate in various training events organized by the company for free.

6. For the technical problems that arise in the sales process or after-sales service, the company sends technical personnel to help solve the problem.

7, should be the exclusive agent of the dealer's request, can send personnel to technical training and sales training.

8. In order to increase the visibility of the company’s brand in China, the company will participate in large-scale events such as intra-regional trade fairs, product launches, and expositions together with exclusive agency franchisees, and provide preferential policies for the ordering products of the current month. 






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